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Weather resistant plate steel

Weather resistant plate steel is ductile and hard, is particularly resistant to corrosion and wear-and-tear. The brown rust color is the most typical appearance of this well-known weathering steel.

Weather resistant plate steel is an iron alloy

Weather resistant plate steel is an iron alloy with added copper, phosphorous, silicon, nickel and chrome. Once this alloy is exposed to ambient elements it forms a relatively stable protective layer of oxidation. This layer of oxidation is so compact that the underlying steel is protected from the elements and cannot corrode further. The tensile strength is comparable with that of other alloyed steels such as stainless steel.

Weather resistant plate steel, with its characteristic rusty brown colouring is used primarily to clad façades, for bridges and other engineering structures.          

De Boer Staal supplies weather resistant plate steel in thicknesses from 4 - 40 mm.