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De Boer Staal has primarily certified steel with material certificates in stock. The material test certificate (MTC) is an official testing document describing the properties of the material. European standard EN 10204 outlines the way in which readings from the material testing must be determined, and the three most important types of inspection documents:

  • Inspection document EN 10204/2.2: the manufacturer issues the readings in a document, stating that the order meets the applicable requirements.
  • Inspection document EN 10204/3.1: an independent inspection authority issues the readings in a document, stating that the order meets the applicable requirements.
  • Inspection document EN 10204/3.2: as for type 3.1, with the difference that this document is also specified as being valid and countersigned by a representative of an international inspection authority, such as Lloyds Register (LR), Det Norske Veritas (DNV) or Bureau Veritas (BV).

Material certificate

In order to be certain that a certificate belongs to a specific consignment of steel, there are specific requirements for the identification of the material. A label, sticker or embossed tag must be used by the manufacturer to show at least the following features of a consignment: batch number, material type and factory identification mark or logo. These features can be cross-referenced with the material certificate. All customary quality management systems demand that the material is traceable to its manufacturing source.

All certificates are examined on arrival and entered into the computer. The full stock list can be cross-referenced in a digital document centre where the certificates are available for inspection at any time. Supplementary tests are similarly supported and documented, as is any re-certification by another recognised inspection authority. Under normal circumstances the certificates are forwarded at the same time as the material. The certificates can also be sent in advance of the consignment if the customer so requires.

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