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Quality - NACE CIP

In the past, protective coatings in ships' ballast tanks were of inferior quality and were often easily damaged. This led to quicker corrosion and even the loss of vessels. That is why, in March 2007, the IMO drafted binding performance standards for protective coatings in newly-built vessels. 

This means that the quality of the coated steel must be inspected by certified NACE CIP inspectors (National Association of Corrosion Engineers Coating Inspector Program). 

NACE Coating Inspector

Employees of De Boer Staal and De Boer Snijbedrijf are all now trained to either Level 1 or Level 2 NACE Coating Inspector. These coating inspectors carry out inspections on a daily basis, such as taking ambient conditions readings, measuring surface purity, salt solutions, abrasive blasting profiles and coating thicknesses. Coating inspectors also inspect preparations for work and the application of the primer coat. The work is monitored and recorded in a Coating Inspection Report that can be used in the Coating Technical File (CTF) associated with the project, which describes the Grade of steel used. In this way, De Boer Staal can deliver a high-quality product of a guaranteed inspection quality.

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