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Supplying cutting drawings

To provide the customer with the best possible service, to keep the costs as low as possible and the production process as efficiently as possible, clients can deliver their drawings digitally.

Please also observe the following:

  • Supply drawings as DXF, DWG, DSTV or NC files.
  • One file per product i.e. for three different product, three different files.
  • Drawings must be in 2D.
  • Scale of 1:1.
  • Drawings must be supplied in folders, separated by thickness.
  • Drawings must be supplied in folders, separated by metalworking process
  • Cutting contours must be shown in consecutive line sections, colour 3 (green).
  • Marker lines must be in colour 4 (light blue)
  • Text marks must be in colour 6 (pink)
  • Text height must be between 30mm and 70mm
  • Each product must be labelled with construction, section, position and (where appropriate) lot number, for example: 1401-210-200.
  • Does the position require a special metalworking procedure? Then mark the following :
    • Edge breaking -> 1401-210-200 *
    • Shaping -> 1401-210-200 V
    • Kink -> 1401-210-200 K
    • Fusion edges -> 1401-210-200 L
    • Rejuvenation -> 1401-210-200 J
    • More than one operation -> 1401-210-200 * V K L J
      Note that places requiring these processes must be specified in detail on the picture itself with text and marker lines.
  • Please use 'string tags' in the drawing.
    These string tags contain the parameters for the product, help our system to read the file in quickly and helps to prevent errors.
    String tags in the drawing incorporate parameters such as:
    • [Q] 2         (Q = quantity)
    • [M] Gr-A   (M = Material)
    • [T] 20        (T = Thickness)
      Any such wording should be in colour 7 (light grey).
  • Do not use: polylines, splines and regions.
  • Do not use blocks in a drawing.

Special instructions for shipbuilding:

  • Where parts need special working, please supply the relevant product information (i.e. moulds/stretching frames).
  • In case a position requires a kink/setting, the marked size on the product should indicate the outer size.

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