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Setting, rolling and shaping

Setting or edging is a production technique for permanently shaping steel slowly and precisely. De Boer Snijbedrijf uses an angle bending machine, also known as a folding machine, for the process of setting or edging. Setting is highly suitable when the number of welding seams needs to be kept to a minimum in order to ensure the sturdiness of the finished product. This setting technique can be used for producing metal housings and buckets, but also for components in large machines.

Round forms

Rolling is a better option for round forms. Rolling is a shaping technique in which flat plate is fed through rollers. The rollers exert pressure on the plate bending it to form a round, cylindrical shape. The required radius can be achieved by applying increasing pressure. Rolling is also suited to the production of silos, boilers, tanks and hulls.

Facet edging or cold setting

In some cases it is not possible to roll a product, but the material can be bent with processes such as facet edging or cold setting. In the case of facet edging or cold setting, the steel is set in small steps until required shape is achieved. The choice between rolling or facet edging depends on the sort of material, the dimensions of the material and the customer requirements.

The shaping processing technique demands a lot of specialist knowledge and experience. Moulds and good drawings can be used during the shaping process to press or stretch all conceivable concave or convex shapes to within a centimetre's accuracy.

De Boer Snijbedrijf works in close partnership with various steel processing companies. Where further metalworking is required after cutting, for example turning, grinding, drilling or punching, De Boer Snijbedrijf can, of course, co-ordinate this. 

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