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Lining and marking

De Boer Snijbedrijf's plasma cutting machine is equipped with ink jet marking for edge lines, centre lines, spacing lines, central axes and position numbers. Letters, numbers and symbols can be marked with the rotating marker. All printing is built up with pixels so that it is possible not just to print standard characters, but also characters in 'bold' face. The nozzle is mounted on an electronic rotating unit that can turn through 360° so that the text can be printed in all directions. The text colour is black and the character pitch can be printed within a range of 3 - 67 mm.

Smooth construction process

The ability to mark steel is an advantage to shipyards, for instance, so that they can specify in advance what information they require to be printed on the individual cut pieces. In this way the various components are immediately traceable on delivery, meaning that the construction process can run smoothly.