You build we supply

In ROTO's opinion, business is based on trust

We establish trust by our staff's commitment and the image of our companies. By doing what we promise, by offering quality products at competitive prices and mostly by being there for our customers when there are problems to be solved.

The core activities of ROTO are divided into four Business Units:

  • Steel and steel processing
  • Grating technology
  • Surface treatment
  • Expanded metal

Each one of our group companies has something specific to offer, we have found that our customers are growing increasingly appreciative of our companies' combined activities. After all, once steel is purchased, it is often set to undergo the whole process, from being cut, trimmed, processed or fit to being galvanised, powder coated or wet painted. In addition, our clients also call upon ROTO for high-quality grating products and products of expanded metal.

Our staff are pleased to implement and supervise all business-to-business processes for you rapidly and efficiently, never losing sight of cost-effectiveness and quality considerations. Thanks to the excellent collaboration within the group quick and reliable delivery times are guaranteed.

Only if you do business with us, you will learn what makes us tick at ROTO. It will allow us to prove that we are deserving of your trust. We are more than confident that our staff's expertise and commitment will definitely earn us your trust!


Ger de Kwaasteniet

chief executive officer
Tom van Lindert
chief financial officer