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Good causes

For ROTO, business is a question of confidence. Confidence that we build up through commitment to our workforce, clients and contacts. But ROTO has an eye for more than just its core activities; it also feels committed to organisations that work for good causes. ROTO annually supports several charities with a single contribution and structurally supports the Opkikker Foundation

Stichting Opkikker

The ‘Opkikker’ foundation wants to make a contribution to the mental energy of children with long illnessess by organising special “Opkikker days”: a relaxing day full of fun for the whole family. ’Opkikker’ works in co-operation with hospitals throughout the Netherlands and works on indication and on request.

Long-term illness asks a lot of perseverance and energy of a child and also has an effect on the family. In these circumstances, small and larger rays of hope are more important dan ever, make a huge impression and have a positive effect on the mental condition of the child and the family.

The management of the ‘Opkikker’ foundation supports 120 volunteers throughout the country and hundreds of occasional volunteers. Apart from the ‘Opkikker days’, alternative events are organised such as pirates, fairy tales and ambassador days. These days are organised to meet the needs of families to leave their daily reality behind and have a much-needed day to relax. Personal attention for the families, working with volunteers and keeping the costs down, remain spearheads of the foundation.

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